About the Mi-Carême Centre

What is the Mi-Carême Centre?

The Mi-Carême Centre is a museum that explores the Mi-Carême tradition through interactive exhibits. Visitors learn about this mid-lent celebration that involves masks and disguises.

Who manages the Mi-Carême Centre?

The Mi-Carême Centre was developed by the LeMoine Development Association. Since April 2015 it is under the management of the Société Mi-Carême, a legal entity registered at the Registry of Joint Stocks of Nova Scotia.

What is our vision statement?

The Mi-Carême Centre’s vision is sustainable development in an Acadian rural community. The Centre aims to build awareness and sensitivity about Mi-Carême and related aspects of Acadian culture.

What is our mission statement?

The Mi-Carême Centre wishes to establish networks with key resource persons among Acadians and other cultural groups throughout the world. The Centre also wishes to encourage artisans' and artists' creations, highlighting Mi-Carême, ensuring renewal and innovation in community economic development.

What are some of the roles of the Mi-Carême Centre within the community?

The Mi-Carême Centre promotes the rich tradition of the Mi-Carême fête that has been celebrated in the local Acadian area for centuries. Since the arrival of the first Acadians to the seaside communities in 1785, the economy of the region has mainly depended upon fishery and forestry. The Mi-Carême Centre, located in the harbour of Grand-Étang, permits a direct contact with the fisher folk of the area and it interprets one of their customs. The Centre serves the Acadian population by highlighting one of its rich traditions as well as by sharing it with visitors to the area. 

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