Commission du tourisme acadien du Canada atlantique


The Mi-Carême Centre is a proud member of the Commission du tourisme acadien du Canada atlantique (CTACA). The “l’Acadie” logo can only be used by those who have successfully completed the EETE program.

This symbol was inspired by the existing visual concept of the CTACA. It represents a seal of quality and authenticity which graces the promotional material of businesses accredited within our program.

The blue “waves” and the red “circular lines” represent the validation of the CTACA stamp (postage validation). The seal or cachet is the figurative element which stands out from the visual, the CTACA logo is then placed over it.

The “irregular” effect on the lines is reminiscent of the CTACA logo.

The CTACA logo appears in an ascending angle which represents the manual application of a seal, and gives a positive feel to the whole.