The story of the Centre de la Mi-Carême is a story of community. The Centre was first built with the goal of supporting the culture and lives of the surrounding Acadian community in two ways: (1) by providing employment and career transition opportunities to the many local people who lost their livelihoods after the collapse of the cod fishery and (2) by celebrating and sustaining the unique cultural tradition of running the Mi-Carême and the connected culinary, musical, and artisanal heritage.

But it is, in turn, the community that has supported the Centre de la Mi-Carême, as visitors, as volunteers, as sponsors, as artists, as teachers, as participants, and as a vital part of our organization's vision and mandate: to honour our region’s rich history and help ensure its bright future.

Each year, we host the annual Festival Masque et Mer, where we gather with locals and visitors to celebrate the music and food and scenic beauty of this corner of the world. We offer programming year-round to provide employment and cultural activities for local residents long after the tourism season has ended and many businesses have closed their doors until spring; this programming has included seniors' events that promote socialization and mental wellness, paint nights with local artists, workshops for schools and youths, Meals on Wheels services, and of course, our busy annual Mi-Carême line-up, where we open our doors to the voices, fiddles, guitars, costumes, masks, and merriment of our community.